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Vesper Hills GC, Tully

Hot products from the PGA Merchandise Show 2017

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Eases pain without meds:

Coming from a diehard skeptic, this thing we dis- covered actually seems to work. It’s the Oska and looks like a large computer mouse with a pulsing bright blue light when turned on (5.25 x 3.5 x 1.12 inches). You put it in your pocket, strap it on with a special compression strap or just hold it while it does its work. There is on heat, no sound. After one or two 30- minute sessions whether it’s sciatica pain, knee pain, or wherever, it just seems to make

things feel a lot better. Oska claims to optimize pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) thereby releasing the body’s natural endorphins to help reduce pain and promote increased range of motion, and by dilating blood vessels, it reduces inflammation and promotes muscle recovery. The trick now after a game of golf is who gets to use Oska first. Retail is $399. Oskawellness.com


Golf Energy Bars that don’t taste like sawdust: Sure the 1st and 10th Tee Bars are good for you—no high-fructose corn
syrup or artificial flavors and yes, they have fiber and protein—but the big test is do they taste good or is it like munching grass clippings? The
good news? These bars are good. They come in delicious flavors like oatmeal raisin, chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate chip trail mix, honey almond, peanut honey, chocolate peanut caramel and cranberry trail mix. Finally, an energy bar that’s tastes as yummy as it is for you. Golfenergybar.com


Julie Fox’s Real Granola takes off: Golfers like Jordan Spieth and Jimmy Walker are getting on board the granola wagon touting a good clean kind of snack that delivers energy. They are asking for Julie’s Real Granola, a grain-free product popular with folks following a Paleo diet. Julie’s Real products also include a variety of nut butters. Crafted in small batches, the snacks are made with real honey and real vanilla beans. Sweet. Juliesreal.com

Real jerky for hungry golfers: The PGA booth at Chef’s Cut Real Jerky was hugely popular among attendees. Made from premium cuts of steak, chicken, pork and bacon, Chef’s Cut flavors like Chipotle Cracked Pepper, Buffalo Style Real Chicken Jerky and Jalapeno Cheddar Pork and Beef provided a tasty quick high protein fix. Lots of flavors, lots of fans. Chefscutrealjerky.com

Get a Grip: They don’t pay pro’s to use Golf Pride grips but that does- n’t stop many tour players from playing with them. This year GP intro- duced a clever MCC Plus 4 grip featuring a larger lower hand to allow for a lighter grip pressure. Also new is their align technology featuring a narrow raised ridge running from top to bottom of the grip allowing your hands to feel in correct alignment. Available in MCC and MCC Plus4. Golfpride.com

Where science meets feel: Made heavier than most grips and designed flat on both sides, the P2 putter grips help control smaller muscles so putting becomes more consistent. Also different: the shaft is positioned at the back. It’s called a hybrid pistol grip. Leave it to the Irish! P2grips.com

Club Sense: Tour Edge offers a 48-hour service to build and deliver custom clubs from start to finish—and you will want these new clubs quickly. Beautifully engineered using high-grade materials like titanium and high-density steel and increasing heel weight for more distance, their 6

new EX10 fairway wood combines materials from around the globe for the most advantageous technology. A new Japanese high-density
HT 980 steel cup face combo is brazed to a heavier hyper steel body, all to benefit the player who wants super power, forgiveness, and accuracy. Their EX Driver is another winner along with company’s new Exotics CBX forged irons,. A limited number of the new CBX irons were shown at the PGA Show and were immediately recognized for their visual styling and performance. CBX forged irons feature new, softer materials, CNC milled face and cavity for great stability and forgiveness without sacrificing the feel and workability which is imperative in a player’s iron. Sounds good? It is. Touredge.com


Gloves with GPS & hot colors:

Not only do Zero Friction gloves come in an array of popping bright colorsand are constructed in fine Cab. Leather, now they have a glove with a built-in GPS device: The Zero Friction DistancePro Glove. Powered by Bluetooth®, the device sits comfortably on the glove flap and weighs less than half an ounce. The read-out gives front, center and back distances to the green. More than 35,000 golf courses worldwide are

programmed into theGPS. And just in case you decide to go pond diving for your ball, the GPS is waterproof up

to about 32 feet. The retail package contains two gloves, one GPS device and the ZF App. And no worries if your glove
wears out or if you want to wear another color. The GPS device is removable
and easily placed on another glove. Made for both men and women of
flexible performance materials, onesize fits all— pros should love selling them,

as they don’t have to stock all the various sizes.

A flexible Spandex material in strategic places makes Zero Friction gloves

extremely comfortable and ZF also makes a two-in-one rain and cold weather

glove with the same great fit. Just ask Johnny Miller who endorses ZF’s

Motion-Fit Gloves. Zerofriction.com


Try OnCore golf balls for greater distance: Created by two young entrepreneurs, Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton, OnCore, a Buffalo-based company, has created an elite golf ball for those who dare to play with something different. We suggest you test OnCore against what you’ve been using and you may just find you enjoy several more yards. OnCore’s Caliber is constructed with a hollow metal core that increases the ball’s rifle spin, higher backspin
around greens and laser straight putting. And yes, it has been deemed “conforming” by the USGA. OnCore’s newest innovations include the Avant, a low compres- sion 2 pc ball with a 65 compression featuring Soft Cell technology and the tour-grade ELIXR distinguished by perimeter weighting and a premi- um urethane cover. Prices per dozen range from $20 to $40. Find in local golf outlets including the Central New York Golf Center in East Syracuse or buy online at Oncoregolf.com.