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More and more ladies are looking for apparel that protects them from the sun’s harmful rays. IBKul has taken this concept a step further by upping the fashion aspect with very sharp colors and patterns in lightweight Nylon and Polyurethane.  Tops in Geo Key,  the subtle Liz,Moroccan Tile, festive Rio and tropical Cat Cay are pretty enough to wear even if you’re not playing golf or tennis. Tops come in mock neck, long, short and sleeveless, zip polos and crews while skorts like their Tutti Faux wrap and Black Multi pair well with solid toppers. IBKul also offers solid-colored and patterned shorts and pants as well as dresses.  Men too can get into the act with IBKul tops.  We especially like the mini-bicycle pattern in their polo line.


Loved the golf and tennis styles of Sofibella, a ten-year-old company with extraordinary flair.  The apparel is feminine and flirty without being trite with fun details like ruffled-edged shorts and subtle designed fabrics.  Were they classic or wonderfully fun?  Both. The Blue Moon pattern in swirly blues in tops and skirts reflects the movement of the sea while the bright colors and designs of Aztec and richly embossed Anaconda will draw admiration on the golf course and tennis courts. Favorites include their long sleeve jackets in full and half –zip styles—especially sharp in Art Show and Vibes colors as well as their Tempo golf dresses like the in navy with coral trim.  Very flattering.  Sofibella has a basic line of stretchy pants and tops as well as very cool children’s clothing.  Garments feature UV Protection, stay-dry micro fiber material and memory stretch.  Check them out at

vineyard vines

This Connecticut-based company with its pink whale logo and penchant for preppy, introduced its new Jim Nantz line....classic as expected with even a Glen Plaid mock half zip pescadero. Half and full zip merino wool sweaters with shoulder block accents, vests and class-act polos were also in the group all constructed to last and be worn forever. Vv’s sakaty polos come in subtle water and yachty patterns.  One thing we like is the construction and the sizing that includes a size 35” waist in the pants for men. Women’s fashions are equally sharp.  Scalloped hemmed skorts in sensible 17” length and blues, pinks and corals predominate in the stripped, solid and printed half zips and shirts.vineyardvines .com

Arm Sleeves

Slide-on sleeves to keep your arms warm and protect from the sun’s rays come in different sizes, designs, colors and patterns.  Galway Bay has separate sleeves can be pulled off if the weather warms up while you’re on the course.  ( while HJ Glove offers Soleeve sun sleeves. ( Sparms offers arm protection with individual sleeves, but we particularly like the shoulder wraps where the sleeves are connected by the back. This allows you to swing freely knowing the sleeves won’t slip below the short sleeves of your golf shirt.  Sparms, which are lightweight and anti-bacterial, also has a hand protector and long-sleeved shirts for men and women. 


Skechers have always appealed to those who love a softer, comfy shoe, but now their Go Golf Pro 4 model is seriously geared to those preferring a more stable and secure fit with waterproofed leather uppers and Softspikes integrated into a dynamic diamond traction plate. Skechers “Twist” version has the clever twist dial adjustable front closure and waterproof protection shields while “Sport” is made of breathable synthetic and mesh uppers and moisture management interiors. There are spikeless Skechers offering comfort and water resistant outers and shoes with a relaxed fit. I was particularly drawn to their themed styles with embellishments like “Dogs at Play” and “Bloom."  They also offer the Go Golf 600 Sandal with double cushioned heel pad. So easy to wear.   


The first time I wore “The One” someone asked if I had an injury.  No surprise as this single finger golf glove looks very strange. You slip it on your middle finger and then strap it around your wrist with a narrow Velcro closure.  Once I figured out how to do this, I went on to wear it for several rounds of golf.  You forget you have it on, yet the palm of  your hand is totally protected when you swing, giving you a firm grip on your club.  That after all is what a glove is supposed to do.  Yet The One allows your other four fingers to remain free so you can reach into your pockets, eat an almond, use your cell, put on lip balm and forget you are wearing it.  You can putt with it, wear your large bling rings, and yes,  it is rain proof and sweat free.When I reluctantly allowed Nancy Fitzgerald, former US Senior Amateur Champion, to first attach this on my hand, I was skeptical. No more.  As Nancy said, “ Once you use this, you’ll never go back to your old glove.”  I may need to order another one at the end of the golf season. 


Golf Clubs

From the beginning, Tour Edge clubs have delivered great value for not just amateur golfers but for professionals as well. Founded by David Glod, Tour Edge equipment  including their Hot Launch and Exotics lines are created using avant-garde materials and manufacturing methods while providing exceptional custom fit value, a guaranteed 48-hour custom fit delivery program and a Lifetime Warranty. New this year their HL 4 Line along with their EXS 220 are endorsed by PGA pros Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic and Duffy Waldorf.  Seriously long these high tech clubs are offered at a very competitive, mid-tier price point.


The new Exotics EXS 220 driver produces extreme M.O.I. numbers with its all new shape and adjustable 9-gram back weight and the diamond face design features 42 different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face to produce a massive sweet spot. It’s a beauty too. 


Women too have a lot of choices with Tour Edge  finding the clubs forgiving, handsomely designed and solidly made while being one of the most affordable brands on the market from Lady Edge (complete sets from $269.99) to the HL3 Hot Launch.



Seed golf balls was a newbie for us.  Originating from Ireland, the folks who developed Seed ball say you an buy a quality ball for half the price of known brands on this side of the pond (from about a little more than $1 per ball). Dean Klatt, founder and CEO said, “We designed Seed balls to help you break par not the bank.” They are sold per dozen and you have four choices of balls from  low priced distance balls to soft and super soft professional and tour balls. Seed adds an innovative twist: you can subscribe to their program of monthly deliveries

Training Aids

Taking home an award for "Best New Product" the Tour Striker PlaneMate is designed to provide the feeling of a professional takeaway and transition while developing muscle memory of the key positions common to most high-level swings by connecting resistance bands to your belt.

Swing the SuperSpeed C to increases lead arm peak velocity, improves timing of lead arm, and increase club head speed using the physics of counterweight training.

StrikeAbsorber is an inflatable bladder underneath a simulated grass pad that adjusts to suit your practice routine. When hitting the ball, you have a more realistic feel, much like you would when hitting real grass. It also holds a real tee.


Ball Markers

With a goal to improve putting accuracy, innovative dome-shaped On Point 3-D Markers are beautifully engineered with a line running across it. On the underside is a built-in  coin marker.  They are very easy to see on the green but like the poker ships need to be moved if in direct line of a putter.


CBD etc. for pain relief

Showing up with a big presence, companies selling CBD products said to aid in easing pain, were there big time exhibiting products in many forms from creams and patches to tinctures and oils. Most all of them claim to be hemp-based and free of the THC that is found in marijuana. And they were’t cheap either with a jar of cream typically selling around $50.  Myaderm’s CBD cream was priced at $49.95 for 1.7 ounces ( while 300 mg Nanocrafts’ CBD Oil Drops infused with organic caffeine, B12 and Mint extract cost $59.99 and CBD Cooling Roll-On Gel was $29.99.

High Falls Hemp sells tinctures, soft gels, lotions and even tinctures for pets ( and   

CB5 is not actually a CBD product, but one formulated from five natural ingredients found in plants like beta-caryophyllene and   myrcene . Like CBD, this product is used to increase overall health and reduce memory loss and metal fatigue, boost your energy and alleviate pain.

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